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Our Fee:  

What We Charge:

$5,520 per year 

We have built our retainer fee structure around the ongoing advice, service, and value we provide to our clients. At PharmD Financial Planning, we believe the flat fee annual retainer model is the most appropriate compensation model for our PharmD family clients. 

What Does The Fee Cover?

Our services are all inclusive. Because we utilize a flat fee structure, we can provide the same services to all of our PharmD family clients. It doesn't matter the size of your investment portfolio. The services provided are, but not limited too are:

  • Retirement Planning (specifically those who want to retire in their 50s)
  • Tax Planning
  • Investment Management 
  • Insurance Optimization
  • Income Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Ongoing Relationship

How Does Our Fee Compare To Other's?

We're not the most expensive option available and believe you don't want the cheapest either. Our annual fee (paid monthly) is transparent and easy to understand, unlike more traditional compensation models. A few examples of these are:

A Percentage of Assets Under Management:

A large portion of the industry charges, on average, a 1% advisory fee based on the amount of assets you have invested with them. For example, if your investment portfolio is worth $800,000, your fee is $8,000/year. And the bigger your portfolio gets, so does the fee. This isn't the case with our flat fee structure. We don't charge more just because your portfolio does better. It's the way we believe a true professional relationship should be.

Commissioned Product Sales

Just like when a real estate agent sells your home and earns a commission, so do financial advisors when they sell you an investment or insurance product. You may not pay the advisor directly, but that doesn't mean your not paying for it elsewhere. This can create big conflicts of interest which have led to unethical practices in the past, like churning. 

What Are Your Payment Options?

Monthly Withdraw from Investment Account(s):

The monthly fee is automatically deducted from your investment accounts(s) that are held with our firm. This is the most common way client's end up paying for our services.

Monthly withdraw from a bank account

Your fee will be auto withdrawn from the bank account you have on file.

Monthly charge to a credit card

Your fee will be charged to the credit card you have on file.

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