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Experienced Fee-Only Financial Advisory Services 

Welcome to PharmD Financial Planning

A Wealth Management Firm Dedicated To Helping Busy Families Live Their Best Financial Lives

College Planning | Tax Planning | Retirement Planning

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Hello, I'm Derek.

I'm a financial advisor with a passion for helping others create a path to financial success. I have seen the positive impacts of what real financial planning can do for families.

The result? Freedom from worrying about the future, so you can enjoy more of today.

Whatever your vision of financial success is, I've got the expertise, creativity, and solutions to get you there. I look forward to our work together!

-Derek Delaney, CFP®, ChFC®, EA, CSLP

Founder & President

Why PharmD Financial Planning?


We exchange our services for a monthly or hourly fee. We do not earn commission. We are not compensated by product sale or referral.


We charge all clients a fixed flat-fee. We believe it's the fairest way. You shouldn't have to pay us more just because your wealth grows.

Advice Centric

We provide customized advice and guidance to help you reach your full financial potential. 


We serve all clients regardless of income or asset size. We can meet in-person or virtually. 


We implement the latest technology to enhance and streamline our work with clients. 


Life is complex. We make it so your money is not.

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"A  Guide To Retirement In Your 50's"

Retirement in your 50's is becoming more and more common. However, it takes a diligent and focused approach. Use our E-book as your go-to resource as you being your journey in making retirement in your 50's a reality! 


Financial Planning & Investment Management


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Pharmacist-Financial Planning & Investment Management Rochester, MN PharmD Financial Planning, LLC

Why Fee-Only?

Fee-only and commission-driven financial advice are very different. As a fee-only planner, I’m committed to my clients' success and not just a commission-driven outcome. Learn more about why we’re fee-only and what else sets us apart as a firm.

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