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Helping Pharmacist Families Retire In Their 50's

Reduce Taxes | Invest Smarter | Planning For Success

Serving Pharmacist Families in Minnesota and virtually Nationwide!

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Why PharmD Financial Planning?


There is nothing more important than trust. As a true Fiduciary, we will always have your best interests ahead of anything else. We are not beholden to an insurance company or broker/dealer. Our loyalties are always to our clients.


We don't work with clients in pursuit of commissions. We believe in transparency and fair pricing. No hidden fees. We make it easy for you to understand how we get paid. We charge a flat fee that is not calculated based on your account balance. (No A.U.M)


The  CFP® exam is no NAPLEX, but it's the closest equivalent in the financial services industry. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner has completed rigorous educational curriculum  and is held to high ethical standards.


Not all financial advisors are created equal. But it's so hard to differentiate between them all. Start by asking these 10 questions that most advisors hope they will never have to answer! 

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Financial Planning & Investment Management

Do you have a goal of retiring? Possibly in your 50's? Let us help make that a reality for you!

Through our ongoing financial planning relationship, we will help create the foundation for a lifetime of financial success and opportunity.

We specialize in helping pharmacists and their families structure their financial resources in support of their best lives.

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Pharmacist-Financial Planning & Investment Management Rochester, MN PharmD Financial Planning, LLC

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Helping Pharmacists Find Peace of Mind Rochester, MN PharmD Financial Planning, LLC

Helping Pharmacists Find the Financial Peace of Mind They Deserve

“Pharmacists have worked hard to get where they are today and want to make sure their financial future is on track.  I understand that and have helped navigate many of the financial complexities they will find themselves coming up against. Specifically when it comes to retirement.

I’m committed to applying my knowledge, unbiased advice, and specialized qualifications  to help them create better financial outcomes.”

-Derek Delaney, CFP®, ChFC®, EA, CSLP

Founder & President

Why Fee-Only?

As a pharmacist, you  are committed to ensuring your patients use their medications safely and correctly, while a pharmaceutical sales rep may be more interested in selling the medications their company manufactures. Fee-only and commission-driven financial advice are not so different. As a fee-only planner, I’m committed to my clients' success and not just a commission-driven outcome. Learn more about why we’re fee-only and what else sets us apart as a firm.

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