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Welcome to PharmD Financial Planning

Planning Your Tax-Smart Retirement Dream

Retirement Planning| Tax Planning |  Investment Management

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Hi, I'm Derek!

I'm not like most financial advisors. It's not my goal to gather your assets or to sell you products. Instead, my focus is helping you plan for those big milestones in life. To do this, I developed the "PharmD3 Planning Process."

I specialize in working with mid-career professionals and pre-retirees, using my customized process as our source of navigation.

The result? Freedom from worrying about the future, so you can enjoy more of today.

I am located south of Minneapolis MN and work with clients locally and across the country.

Whatever your vision of financial success is, I've got the expertise, creativity, and solutions to get you there. I look forward to our work together!

-Derek Delaney, CFP®, ChFC®, EA, CSLP

Founder & President

Why PharmD Financial Planning?


We exchange our services for a single transparent fee. We don't earn commissions and are not compensated by product sale or referral.


We charge all clients a fixed flat-fee. We believe it's the fairest way. You shouldn't have to pay us more just because your wealth grows.


The PharmD3 Planning Process is a proprietary process that clients go through each year in pursuit of their retirement dreams.


We serve all clients regardless of income or asset size. We are located south of Minneapolis MN and can meet in-person or virtually. 


Derek has advanced qualifications and credentials. It allows him to do retirement work for clients that many other advisors cannot.


Life is complex. We make it so your finances are not.

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