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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with you?

Choosing a financial planner is a big decision. Personalities, philosophies, and core values should be aligned. If you're a mid-career professional or pre-retiree, we're a good place to start.

At PharmD Financial Planning, we make three simple promises that go a long way. 

1st: We're always going to be available when you need us most.

2nd: We will be proactive with our advice, guidance, and work together.

3rd: We will be responsive to your needs.

Finally, we abide by a true fiduciary standard 100% of the time.

What does it mean to be a “fiduciary”?

Being a fiduciary means that we are legally and ethically required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest and to work in your best interests at all times. Given that we are a commission-free, fee-only firm, we have “fiduciary” built into our structure. We have even gone as far as signing a Fiduciary Oath.

Why Mid-Career Professionals & Pre-Retiree's?

We specialize in working with mid-career professionals and pre-retirees because it allows us to operate with a greater focus and precision. It results in better working relationships with our clients that competitors can't match.

I don’t live near Minneapolis MN, can I still work with you?

Yes! PharmD Financial Planning is a location-independent firm. We work with client's in-person and virtually. If you have an internet connection, we make it work.

Investment Minimums?

Nope. We serve all clients. Regardless of income or asset size. It's the benefit of our flat-fee model. No one will ever feel or be treated like a "small fish" in our firm.

Which Investment Custodian Do You Use?

SEI Investments Company. All financial transactions and funds are held by this trusted third party to better protect you.


Earned, not bought or given.

Can I end our ongoing planning relationship if I'm not satisfied? 

You can end our relationship at any time. Clients usually pay their fees on a monthly or quarterly basis, so if you find it's best to move on, I will refund whatever portion of your fees remain as a gesture of good faith.  And in the end, we will part ways as friends!

What's behind the name PharmD Financial Planning? 

PharmD Financial Planning started as a firm helping pharmacists with retirement planning. This is where the PharmD name comes from. Due to demand for our services, we've expanded our scope and now work with pre-retiree and retiree families, regardless of profession.

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