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Meet PharmD Financial Planning & Derek Delaney  

What Is PharmD Financial Planning LLC:

PharmD Financial Planning is a fiduciary financial planning firm specializing in tax-smart retirement planning for families aged 40+. I call it planning your retirement dream. My name is Derek Delaney, and I am the founder and lead advisor (you can learn more about me below). I started PharmD Financial planning in 2021 to deliver retirement planning services in a proactive, systematic, and highly personalized way compared to the average advisor. I call it the PharmD3 Planning Process. That means your time, attention, and talents can remain focused on the other vital areas of your life while knowing your financial future is being taken care of.

PharmD Financial Planning Was Not Created To Become A Large Firm.

Bigger doesn't equal better. Bigger equals busier. Have you ever worked with a professional in any field and felt they had outgrown the personalized service and communication you were first attracted to? You don't have to worry about that here. I did not start this firm with the mission of working with 100s of households and hiring a revolving door of employees. I aim to keep 80 to 100 great client households and serve them for the next 35+ years  at a level of care and competency that rivals any other firm in America. Once I reach capacity, my doors will close to new clients.

We're Probably Not A Great Fit For You.

I'm not going to lie. This wealth management firm is probably not the right fit if you want a traditional financial advisor experience. I'm not a stockbroker or an insurance agent. I don't sell financial products on commission, where the success of my firm is the sales volume I generate. This firm is process-driven. I function differently from the typical retail financial services business that most people are used to. I deliver highly specialized advice and guidance to meet my clients' short- and long-term objectives. It's a boutique experience focused on world-class planning.

Our Clients Do Pay Us, Just In A More Transparent And Less Punitive Way.

This firm charges all clients the same flat annual fee ($4,500). The flat fee model eliminates the conflicts of interest prevalent within financial services. Most advisors are compensated based on the products they sell or the money they manage. These conflicts influence their work. Why would anyone pay a financial advisor a percentage of their investment portfolio? In the long term, you pay a growing fee for services that don't change. I created this firm with a simple idea. Charge a flat fee, provide tremendous value, and let my client's wealth grow without continuously taking more and more from them in fees each year. This model also allows clients to retain control of their investments, independent of our firm if desired. Total customization! Complete wealth management services for a single flat and transparent fee.

A Rate Of Return On Your Investment

Let's be honest with each other. When you decide to hire a person or business, there is an expectation that you will receive a benefit that is greater than its cost. Financial services is no different. When you hire a financial planner, you should expect a quantitative or qualitative return that exceeds the cost of retaining that planner. At PharmD Financial Planning, we charge a flat $4,500/year fee. If you expect a rate of return on your money each year of 8%, you should get $4,860 in value. My goal is to exceed that threshold ten-fold. If I can't, my clients can fire me and walk away, no strings attached. I want my clients to feel like they have everything to gain and nothing to lose when they hire my firm.

More About Derek Delaney. Personally and Professionally.

Derek Delaney Rochester, MN PharmD Financial Planning, LLC

Derek Delaney, CFP®, ChFC®, EA

Founder & President

Education and Experience:

Derek is a graduate of North Dakota State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance & Accounting. He has worked in financial services for over a decade. You can view Derek's resume here.

What I Do and Why I Do It:

As your trusted financial guide, I become your co-creator, partner, and life-long problem solver.  No uncomfortable sales pitches or conflicted advice. My loyalties are with you and not to some big insurance or investment company.

Financial planning, when done correctly, can make a tremendous positive impact in people’s lives. It's an investment in yourself that will pay-off for a very long time.

Designations & Certifications 

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
    • CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(™) professionals have met extensive training and experience requirements, and commit to CFP Board’s ethical standards that require them to put their clients’ interest first.
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®)
    • ChFC® designation covers a must-have list of requirements for financial advisors, from knowledge on tax and retirement planning to special needs advising, wealth management, insurance, and more.
  • Enrolled Agent tax practitioner (EA)
    • An enrolled agent is a person who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Enrolled agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards.

    Family and Hobbies:

    Derek is married to a pharmacist, Kortney Delaney (a South Dakota State alumna), and has two young kids, Ben and Hannah. As a young family of 4 living in Minnesota, we spend as much time as we can outside when the weather allows. From April to October, they often frequent the local parks and playgrounds. They also enjoy bonfires at home, board games and spending time with grandparents.

If you've made it this far, you probably have a few questions and might want to learn more.

If so, I invite you to schedule a complementary consultation. It's a 20 - 30 minute conversation where we both get the chance to learn more about each other. You want to hire a financial professional who can help you achieve the future of your dreams. I want clients who I will enjoy serving for the next 35+ year of my career. It only makes sense that we get to meet first (in-person or virtually), before making any sort of commitment. You can schedule your consult online (see button below) or by calling the office at 507-200-0233. I look forward to our conversation!

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