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Self Funding Long-Term Care Expenses Thumbnail

Self Funding Long-Term Care Expenses

Long-term care is a subject that is becoming more and more talked about in the world of finance. The odds of an individual needing any sort of long-term care are much greater than the odds of a person passing away early in life. For this reason, long-term care insurance policies are growing in popularity.

But what happens if you get to a stage in life that a traditional LTC insurance policy isn't an option anymore? Either due to your medical history, cost, or age. How can you make sure that any potential long-term care needs are taken care of? In this video I break down 3 options pharmacists may want to consider as they begin their long-term care planning process.

These three options are outside of the traditional buy a long term care insurance policy scope. They are:

1.) Use your home equity

2.) Ear mark a portion of your current retirement funds for future LTC use

3.) Use the death benefit of any current life insurance policies.

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