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Filling The College Funding Gap Thumbnail

Filling The College Funding Gap

When determining how you are going to help your child pay for their upcoming college education, you may find yourself with a funding gap. This gap is the result of the the difference between what it will cost and what you anticipate being able to afford. When this happens there are 3 options families can pursue to fill that gap. First, taking our student loans. Second, having the child take a gap year. Third, is attending a less expensive university. In this video we explore more of these options and what college bound families need to consider.

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The 0% Long Term Capital Gains Tax Bracket: Harvesting Taxable Gains Today. Thumbnail

The 0% Long Term Capital Gains Tax Bracket: Harvesting Taxable Gains Today.

When you think about tax free investments, Roth IRAs probably comes to mind. But there area few other tax beneficial areas of the tax code that you can look to take advantage of. The first tax bracket of the Long-Term Capital Gains brackets is currently 0%. Finding yourself below the income threshold should lead to you to consider harvesting your gains just so you can take advantage of this extremely beneficial rate!

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What Is A Dividend? Thumbnail

What Is A Dividend?

When you're learning about personal finance and investing, you more than likely will come across the word dividend. Dividends are a way for publicly traded companies to share their net profits with their equity shareholders. Many dividend paying companies are mature, profitable, and cash flow stable companies. Because of their mature business standing, they may not have the same opportunity for explosive growth, like a younger upstart organization. To compensate investors for their lack of growth potential, these companies will payout a dividend.

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Call Options Thumbnail

Call Options

With the rise of all the free online trading platforms, it has opened up the opportunity for many new investors to start partaking in investing. With this rise in investment demand, there has also been a rise in the popularity of investing in options. What is an option and how do they work.

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Step-Up In Basis Rules Thumbnail

Step-Up In Basis Rules

The Step-Up in basis rule is a terrific tax rule that allows the inheritor of capital assets to minimize their tax liability on that inherited asset. It will increase your tax basis on an asset when determining what your tax liability could be if you want to sell it.

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What Is A Fiduciary Financial Planner? Thumbnail

What Is A Fiduciary Financial Planner?

A fiduciary is a professional who has a legal and ethical obligation to put your needs ahead of anything else at all times. It may sound like what you would expect of all financial advisors, but your expectation would be wrong. Most financial advisors are not fiduciaries and that could be a problem.

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What Is An Annuity? Thumbnail

What Is An Annuity?

The word annuity brings a shiver down a lot of people's backs. The word annuity has been conditioned into the minds of many consumers as a bad word that needs to be avoided. However, annuities may actually provide a wonderful benefit. Understanding how they work and if they can solve a problem your facing, annuities may be a suitable option for you.

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