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Designing a Strategy to Address Specific Financial Topics

Who Is This Service For?

The STAT Plan is best for those with less financial complexity who are looking for one-time guidance on certain financial issues. If you’re an early-career pharmacist looking to implement a student loan repayment strategy or manage your monthly cash flow, for example, this service may be a good fit for you.

What’s Included

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One-Time Plan

We’ll develop a strategy that is focused on optimizing one or two facets of your financial life. This may be related to areas such as cash flow, debt management, investment planning, tax planning, employee benefits optimization or insurance analysis.

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Hands-On Implementation

Once we’ve established your plan, we’ll work with you to put your strategy into place. If you have questions, would like additional guidance, or want to explore becoming an ongoing client, we’re here to talk through anything on your mind.

How It Works

Step 1:

Introductory Call

In an initial consultation, we’ll get to know more about what you hope to achieve. We’ll also discuss how our firm works and what the STAT process would look like if you decide to move forward with us.

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Step 2

Discovery and Design

We’ll dive deeper into the issues you want to address and will figure out how these goals translate into quantifiable outcomes.

Step 3:

The Prescription

Based on your financial circumstances and what you hope to achieve, we’ll develop a plan with specific recommendations to address your goals. We’ll go through the suggestions we have, and together we’ll finalize your strategy.

Step 4:

Implementation Support

Once we’ve established your plan, we offer 2 weeks of email and phone support to help you put your plan into place. Often, additional questions may come up as you adjust to a new approach, and we’ll be your guide throughout this initial process.

What We Charge


*Depending on complexity

How Can We Help?

Whether you know exactly what you need advice on, or you’d like to talk things through, we invite you to reach out for a conversation.

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