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Is There Such A Thing As Working To Long? Thumbnail

Is There Such A Thing As Working To Long?

Ep 43: Is There Such A Thing As Working To Long?

Many people work for financial reasons. But what happens when you get to the point of not needing income from a job anymore? For many, this is the dream scenario. This is when they get to finally hang it up and fully retire. Welcome to the golden years!

But for others, this decision comes with a lot more angst. They feel the tradeoff of retirement isn't worth what they are leaving behind from their job. So they work longer than they financially have too. And if this is the case, should it be something that is concerning? Is working to long a bad thing?

In this episode, Derek will break down the trade-offs or continuing to work even when you don't have too. Understanding the good and the bad of making that decision will help bring more clarity on if it's truly what is best for you.

Finally, wait until the end when Derek gives his unique recommendations to those who find themselves in this exact situation.

Enjoy the show!

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