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How Financial Advisors Get Paid Thumbnail

How Financial Advisors Get Paid

Ep 19: How Financial Advisors Get Paid

It can get complicated for consumers to determine how much a financial advisor is getting paid. It can even get complicated for some financial advisors to discern how much they will be paid. There are compensation grids, bonuses, and compensation accelerators that can kick on at any time.

This hard to understand advisor compensation can create a big problem.  It makes it more difficult for consumers to determine if the value they are getting from their advisor is worth the money they are paying, directly or indirectly.

So, in this podcast episode, Derek will walk through the four main ways most advisors get paid. This will help you determine how much your advisor is being compensated so you can start fairly identifying if your getting your "money's worth".
- Commissionable Compensation
-Assets Under Management (AUM) Compensation
-Flat Fee Compensation
-Hourly Compensation

Enjoy the episode!

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