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Financial Imposter Syndrome  Thumbnail

Financial Imposter Syndrome

Ep 23: Financial Imposter Syndrome

In most of us, there is a seed of doubt that lives within us all that keeps us from taking the necessary steps to accomplish great things. This is called Imposter Syndrome. It can create so much  anxiety and tentativeness inside of us that we end up becoming completely immobile. We freeze and stop the progress of everything we've done up to that point.

Imposter Syndrome comes in all shapes and sizes. Financial imposter syndrome is specifically the seed of doubt around our financial wellbeing. Managing it properly and continuously improving it over the course of our lives can make a huge positive difference.

In this episode, Derek will discuss:
    -What is financial imposter syndrome
    -How to manage financial imposter syndrome
    -How you can tell if it's getting better in your life

Enjoy the Episode!

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