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Deciphering The Greatest Puzzle Of All Time. Tax Code Thumbnail

Deciphering The Greatest Puzzle Of All Time. Tax Code

Ep 13: Deciphering The Greatest Puzzle Of All Time. Tax Code

To say that taxes are confusing is an understatement. With over 2,600 pages of Internal Revenue Code and approximately 800 different schedules and forms, I think it's safe to say that tax code could be considered one of the greatest puzzles of all time.

However, it's one of the biggest levers we have to manage in financial planning. And for pharmacists, it's important to mange your tax liability and exposure continuously.  

So, in this episode, Derek will walk you through one of the most common tax forms most people are exposed to. Form 1040. How it works, what information is important, and a few different ways you can directly influence how much tax you're required to pay.

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