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Ask Me Anything Mailbag Episode Thumbnail

Ask Me Anything Mailbag Episode

Ep 15: AMA Mailbag Episode

The podcast is growing and with that there have been many questions from listeners emailed into the podcast@pharmdfp.com inbox. So, in this episode, Derek is going to answer 5 of those questions that listens have inquired about.

Join in as Derek provides answers and context to the questions:

- Do I hold the same philosophy about college as Gary V? Is going to college a waste of money?
- If you could only recommend 1 thing to get some ones financial life in better order, what would it be?
- What is cryptocurrency and should I buy it?
- What is a good rule of thumb for how much I should have saved for retirement?
- Do you manage your own finances the same way you coach others to do?

Enjoy the episode!

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